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  Conservatories, Sun Rooms, Orangeries, Garden Rooms


L shaped conservatory


What should you take into account when chosing a conservatory ?. 

Obviously the style of your property  will be an important factor.  If you own a Victorian house, for example, the special design features of a Victorian conservatory are likely to work wonderfully alongside those of your existing property to showcase the best of both structures.

A Lean to Conservatory  works well with smaller properties and can add a contemporary feel to an older property and a Gable Front Conservatory with it's high ceilings can really enhance both contemporary or traditional style properties.



Monopitch/Lean to Conservatory


The Lean to conservatory  has a contemporary, unfussy design, rectangular  with a single pitch roof .

The lean to conservatory style is very popular for cottages or bungalows as a sun lounge conservatory and fits well with properties with low eaves.

It can add a contemporary look to older properties and also works well with smaller properties.

Example of Lean to Conservatory on an older style property



Victorian Style


The Victorian conservatory consists of a classical English design, ornate with faceted fronts , bay windows, pitched roofs and ornate ridges.  It usually has a dwarf wall as the base.

Example of victorian style conservatory with ornate detailing and wall


Edwardian/Georgian Style


The Edwardian/georgian style  conservatory offers an elegant look with strong bold lines , it has a flat front and because of it's square or rectangular shape gives maximum floor space. It is completely adaptable to suit all house styles and bungalows.

For bungalows and other height-restricted situations, a hipped-back roof with box gutter is recommended.

Example of Edwardian/Georgian conservatory, wooden finish



Gable Front/ Regency/ Pavillion

A Gable front conservatory, or Pavillion style conservatory , can be modern with a minimal frame or traditional in style with ornate detailing . It has a flat front and steeply pitched roof  allowing a good ceiling height , enhancing the feeling of light and space. It very often has no dwarf wall. 

 You will need to consider the size of your property and make sure this style doesn't overwhelm it as this style works best for larger properties.


Example of Gable front or Pavillion style conservatory


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